Sunday, February 26, 2017

Don’t lose your core!

Life is about, what choices you make,
Yes, you need to act fast,
But don’t hurry too much,
It’s your vote, Think before you cast!

Yes, you need to make an impact,
But keeping your integrity in tact!
Yes, you need to fight for that crown,
But without putting other’s down!

Yes, everybody loves acclaim,
But don’t stress yourself about it,
It’s a byproduct,
What matters is your aim!
Fame will follow if you achieve your aim!

Yes, you need to be smart,
But don’t completely ignore your heart!
Yes, you need to chase your goal,
But don’t forget to entertain your soul!

Yes, it’s a long race, and you need to run,
But don’t forget to enjoy the journey,
And have loads of fun!
Yes, you need to stay focused and concentrate,
But don’t be too serious,
And leave no chance to celebrate!

Yes, there is temptation to showcase your “Thought
“Complex is cool “is what we are taught,
But don’t get caught,
Keep things simple, don’t lose the plot!
Don’t try to be what you are not!
Add value only when you can,
And only when it is sought!

Yes, you need to increase your SOV
But without diluting your POV,
Yes, you need to be seen and be heard,
But don’t follow the herd,
Think Fresh, Think Original
And fly like a bird!!
Yes, there are brownie points to score,
But don’t lose your core!

There is something,
That has brought you so far!
Don’t give it up, Hold on to it,
Always believe in yourself,
And you will shine like a Star!!

Yes, there are temptations & pressures,
Don’t be myopic, don’t give in,
Remember, there is always an option,
That is win-win!!!

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