Sunday, February 26, 2017

Don’t lose your core!

Life is about, what choices you make,
Yes, you need to act fast,
But don’t hurry too much,
It’s your vote, Think before you cast!

Yes, you need to make an impact,
But keeping your integrity in tact!
Yes, you need to fight for that crown,
But without putting other’s down!

Yes, everybody loves acclaim,
But don’t stress yourself about it,
It’s a byproduct,
What matters is your aim!
Fame will follow if you achieve your aim!

Yes, you need to be smart,
But don’t completely ignore your heart!
Yes, you need to chase your goal,
But don’t forget to entertain your soul!

Yes, it’s a long race, and you need to run,
But don’t forget to enjoy the journey,
And have loads of fun!
Yes, you need to stay focused and concentrate,
But don’t be too serious,
And leave no chance to celebrate!

Yes, there is temptation to showcase your “Thought
“Complex is cool “is what we are taught,
But don’t get caught,
Keep things simple, don’t lose the plot!
Don’t try to be what you are not!
Add value only when you can,
And only when it is sought!

Yes, you need to increase your SOV
But without diluting your POV,
Yes, you need to be seen and be heard,
But don’t follow the herd,
Think Fresh, Think Original
And fly like a bird!!
Yes, there are brownie points to score,
But don’t lose your core!

There is something,
That has brought you so far!
Don’t give it up, Hold on to it,
Always believe in yourself,
And you will shine like a Star!!

Yes, there are temptations & pressures,
Don’t be myopic, don’t give in,
Remember, there is always an option,
That is win-win!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Wake Up The Champion Inside !


There are times,
When you feel down,
But remember, 
You were once talk of the town!
And everyone wanted you to be around!

There are times,
When you feel bitter and cold, But remember,
You were once fearless and bold,
Everything you touched turned into Gold!

There are times,
When you are filled with self-doubt,
But remember,
The times when you went all –out,
Despite facing toughest opponent in the bout!

There are times,
When you feel demotivated & tired,
But remember,
There were many, whom you inspired,
And many whose dreams you fired!

There are times,
When you feel, you are out of the game,
But remember,
Opponents once feared your name,
Victory and you always shared the same frame!

There are times,
When you are about to surrender,
But remember,
You were once known to be the toughest contender,
And nobody could match your splendor!

There are times,
When you think, you can’t do,
But remember,
There are far bigger feats in the past,
Achieved by you!!

There are times,
When you look for inspiration outside,
But remember,
A flashback of your glorious past,
Will wake up the champion inside!

There are times,
When you are on descent,
But remember,
Change is the only constant,
After every descent , comes an ascent !
Always believe in you,
Form is temporary,
But class is permanent!!

Written by :- T@Run Aggarwal

Friday, April 08, 2016

Recast the Present !!

You know,
When I look back,
I wish, 
If our past could have been our present, 
And our present, may be our past,
Or maybe not even our past.

We lived in the present then,
Young, Carefree & Raw,
But totally in each other's awe.
Each day was a new discovery.
With no time for recovery.
Trusting our gut,
Rather falling into rut.
So full of mistakes.
Despite very high stakes.
It was all about 
Losing control,
Rather aiming for goal.

Perhaps in our past, 
We never cared ,
For each other's past,
Or for that matter,
Future of our past.

It was all about present then,
And may be,
Not even present,
What really mattered,
Was the very next moment.

And then it all started,
The baggage of our past,
& desire to better the same,
Nothing else mattered now,
It was all about winning the game.

Brain started calling the shots,
& goals took over soul,
In the overall scheme of things,
Heart now had marginalized role.

And as if the yearning,
To beat the past was not enough,
Came the quest for a perfect future,
Along with came wounds,
That nobody could suture.

Shadows of past were closing in 
& Expectations of future piled,
Somewhere in this trade-off, 
Present was the neglected child.

We didn't see it coming then,
But what this has meant,
Past and Future,
Have Hi-jacked our present.

Before it is too late, 
Let’s start living in the present,
Else nothing would last,
Neither our future,
Nor our glorious past.
Present anyways needs to be recast!!!!

Written by :- T@RUN AGG@RWAL

Love is Blind !!

I had a dream last night,
That you had a dream last night,
That I was thinking about you 
And you thinking about me.

I was smiling & nostalgic,
Thinking about you, 
Re-living our first meeting,
Under the sun, 
To feelings growing one by one,
& days of unadulterated fun, 
It felt as if,
Our love affair has just begun,
With so many things to be done 
And create memories for times to come!

And then I saw your face,
It was tense and dry,
The mere sight of me,
Even in your dreams,
Made you cry.

For the first time,
I saw a wrinkle on your face,
And your ever confident confidence 
Was waiting for someone to embrace! 

I was surprised, 
As you were never like that, 
Always balanced and in control,
And focused on your goal.
Emotions & feelings,
In your scheme of things, 
Had no role.

I wouldn’t hide, I was ecstatic for a moment,
To see the same pain of longing in your eyes, 
I was relieved that finally the,
Fire is on both the sides!

But then it struck upon me,
It was all happening in my dream, 
Your dream was actually my yearning, 
You had moved ahead long time back 
Leaving me burning!

For you it was a fling, 
For me it was a spring...
You walked out like a spectator,
And I kept playing in the ring!

Somewhere I always knew, 
That you will easily forget me, 
Like evaporating steam,
A bad dream
Or evanescent stream!
But the eternal optimist in me,
Still kept investing,
Knowing it to be a Ponzi scheme.

To be frank. 
I tried doing the same too, 
Forget you, 
Strumming my guitar strings, 
With zillion painful screams,
But here you are,
In my dream of dreams!!
And I still wanting you to be in my team.

Perhaps that’s how it is designed,
One Moves on,
Without caring for,
Who is left behind,
The other,
Waits despite being declined ….!!
Perhaps that’s why they say...
Love is blind!!

By  T@run @GG@RWAL

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


While clearing my closet today,
Came across our old pic,
When I was just born and pretty heavy
And you were as thin as a stick,
You trying to hold and support me
(While I was struggling...)
Waiting for photographer to click.

I recollected our growing up years,
When we used to frequently fight,
Over reasons ranging from,
Color of the kite,
Mom’s pulav’s  (rice dish )extra byte
Or switching off the light
Every time you  were blamed for the same,
Dunno why I didn’t feel right!!!
Although I never uttered a word
And kept quite.


I remember our school years,
When u were constantly being compared with me,
By parents, teachers and peers,
I topped the board,
Ur results were not great  
I got fit then,
U gained weight
My handwriting was beautiful,
And yours difficult to read
I was calm, obedient and ideal,
You altogether different breed!


I knew you always wished me success,
Inspite of going through so much of pain
Every time u were being taunted
I hated myself for
Being reason for the same.

Frankly I didn’t really care,
How good or bad u were at study,
For me, you were my best buddy
Teaching me how to ride,
From bicycle to car,
Standing behind me,
In all adverse situations so far,
Believe me,
For me, you were always a rockstar!

As for comparisons,

Let me put it straight here
You were always a fast learner
From gadgets to bikes,
Computer to kites
And loved to explore
I was always a laggard
And theoretical to the core
You stood for passion, fun and ambition
And wanted to touch the sky
I only did what I was told,
And was bland, dry and shy
I was neutral about everything
You always had Ur point of view
You believed in shortcuts
I always struck to queue
Perhaps thats why,
You faced lot of critic
As I was moderate
And you a  maverick.

Let me also confess,
I have copied a lot from you,
Both knowingly and unknowingly
Without even telling you
A lot for which I have been praised
Has actually come from you.

25 years have passed since this pic was taken
A lot has changed …

 Added responsibilities
Increasing waist size,
Life following sine curve
From Low to high.

 And lot has remained unchanged...
You still try to hold and support me...
And I as usual struggle…

 Thanks bro for always being there
The bond we share is special and rare …!!

Written by :-
T@run Aggarwal







Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rise and fall…

I was always taught,

to rise in life..

I was doing the same too...

and then you met

and made me "fall"

in love

and rest they say

is history !!!!

By : T@run

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Love" Bonsai ...

Let me tell you a story …

It all started with a casual Hi,
The day was Fourth of July,
She greeted me while passing by.
With a voice sweeter than Diwali mithai,
and face glowing like a fluorescent dye.
Hair flowing till her toned thighs,
and eyes as intoxicating as rye.
I as usual was bland and dry,
adjusting my old grey tie.
The invitation was to join for a chai.
The offer was too good to deny
I was already on seventh sky,
adoring her like a spy.

To my shock,
I refused saying good-bye …
May be,
I tried acting as a tough guy,
to hide true me, who was shy.
Or perhaps ,
It was emotional stir fry …
Whatever it was,
I wanted to commit suicide
for this suicidal try!!!!

On hearing my reply,
her face turned into an aniline dye.
Eyes flooded with water supply,
and I could hear a deep sigh.
I decided to comply.
And said "yes "
Without even blinking an eye.
Now don’t ask me why!!!.
To re-ignite the spark in her eyes.
Or i couldn’t let her cry.

To this, she smiled,
her face redder than strawberry pie,
I won’t lie.
I was on an emotional high,
and wanted to raise a victory-cry.
Love truly gives you wings to fly.
there are some things.
That money can’t buy …

That’s how was planted
our "love" bonsai …!!!

Written By :- T@RUN AGGARW@L

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mediocrity .....!!!!

Hi All,

Some nice words pennned down by my dear friend "Sheetal"..

I suffer from a disease
Am a victim of mediocrity
no vaccine, no cure
my life is beginning to cease.

My bones are dumb
my adrenaline is numb
life seems to be full of rust
no vitality, no thirst.

I give away for everything
no zeal, no feel
its all like a lifeless reel
I give away for anything.
I give away for everything

why so with me
why me...why me
is it injustice or my wings are broken

a question that looks for reply
absence of answer make me cry

all across the age, its been a flow
no one listens to me, be it yes or be it no.

the stream is strong, my bones are rubber
i go deep into this unending slumber

i have done something, but who cares
this some thing is done by all in the herd
we all have the same curtains, same masks.

to rip it away and show the real face, no one dares
we all have done something, but who cares

lets go with the wind
lets believe in the wind
everyone says the same
no one opposes the wind.
those sayings are all in the dust
just on the paper or on the bust.

i blew with them. I flew with them
and now, am here in midst with no vision
though they all seem very strong in unison

do they regret too or i have got a loose nut here.
how do i check, if the nut itself is not there.

shall i seek for help or u r as bad as me
shall i ignore you and listen to my mind
shall i ignore the family and listen to my mind
shall i ignore my friends and listen to my mind
shall i ignore the society and listen to my mind
shall i ignore my country and listen to my mind
shall i ignore my lord and listen to my mind

Shall i ignore this I and listen to my mind.

written by "Sheetal"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Music of life ...

Room no. 88, Third floor, Hostel no. 3, May 2003, Jaipur.

I opened the blue door.

The room was divided into three parts, inverted T-shaped, each part a standardized section containing same set of non-living entities .Each section had a heavy looking steel chair and table, a low-lying steel bed, a creaky looking fan perpendicular to the bed and a steel almirah. I missed the presence of any wood in the room .Later I realized there was logic behind it. There was a window in each section that would expose its owner to the pristine surroundings outside. At least I initially thought, that view outside would be pristine. The walls of the room were depicting the colorful history, imaginations and fantasies of past inhabitants of this room .The greasy walls were adorned with different poses of beauty, movie posters and mathematical formulas The dimly lit room added to the experience of standing in some Khajuraho cave. The sections on left and and the other one in line with my eyes , were vacant .There was a rhythmic orchestra playing in the room by the mixing of two sound waves , infectious sound emitted by one of the fans, running at snail's pace and other ,crescendo of some Hindi song coming from the right section.

I followed the voice. Finally I saw a living entity in the room. He was sitting on the chair looking out of the window, with earplugs plugged in his ears. I could only see his side pose, that too partial. He was in a typical Bollywood pose , day dreaming and humming old Hindi song "main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya , har fikra ko dhuan mein udata chala gaya ". he hadn't noticed his new room partner entering the room. There was something about his voice. My ears fell in love with it, instantaneous, love at first "sound”. The voice had something magical about it. It was so different, and yet so agreeable. It had the naughtiness of a young girl yet so mature .It had the freshness comparable to first cup of tea in the morning yet, weariness of a long tumultuous journey. It clearly was pampered by its owners’ love and affection for her. It had that infectiousness that could make you intentionally stop using all other senses, other than the sense of hearing. It could automatically make you close your eyes and just listen to it. And I was already under the magical spell of his voice.

I could have stayed there for few hours had I was not disturbed by a push from behind. I almost fell. As I looked back, a short guy was jumping like a monkey and laughing out loud as if he was seeing some blockbuster Comedy movie. He had derived some unique pleasure by this action of his and was particularly very happy .I was infuriated , specially his stupidity has led to me dropping the box of laddoos , given to me by my mother few hours back with her watery eyes . I knew that was my last dose of home -cooked meal before I would be thrown open to the "experimental” and "exotic” dishes prepared by the old guns in the mess. I was infuriated and blood red with anger. I was about to thrash him suddenly he noticed the dropped box as I turned towards him. He bent down immediately; the super fast train of his laughter suddenly came to a halt. He cleaned all the ladoos and carefully put all the ladoos back in the box. He then moved towards his section, avoiding my angry eyes, that was just straight on entering the door. I was surprised and puzzled as to what was brewing in his mind. I saw that he had offered the ladoo box to small Lord Ganesha statue in his almirah and was humming something in close whisper. This act of his particularly touched me, and I became as cool as cucumber. I was smiling as the short fellow was completely immersed in pleasing the god to atone for the mistake he has committed.

Suddenly a voice greeted me from back:" Hi ". I instantaneously recognized that voice. I looked back.

He looked short, extremely short, and shorter than the other short fellow who was now looking like a proper pujari (priest) moving the ladoo box in a circular motion in front of Lord Ganesha. .His body frame was broad but quite thin. The most striking feature was an arc shaped scar on his right forehead. He had a dark brownish complexion .His eye sockets were really deep like a long road and his eyes, just coming out, just visible on that long road. His long face, receding hairline, acnes on his face here and there, all gave a impression that he was slightly elder in age. At least, it looked to me. He was very particular about his hairstyle; his hand repeatedly caressing his gelled hair to adjust and align the mid parting was a testimony for that. He was wearing a blue color check half sleeves shirt and a khaki short, which reminded me of my childhood school days. He was smiling at me as I was scanning him from top to bottom and imprinting various impressions about him in my mind. Suddenly he shook my shoulder, “Hello? where are you lost, dost (friend)? "

I replied "Hi, I am really sorry, I was just thinking about something”.

He interrupted " No problem, Arsaan, I am your roommate”

I Introduced myself. “Hi, I am Tarun”

"You are from which state "? he asked.

In engineering colleges, especially NITs it was a common practice to introduce your state first as the ragging regimen and intensity was decided according to your home state. Seniors from same state will be ragging you. All this I have known earlier only from my old school senior who was currently in second year, computer science engineering.

I replied “I am from Gurgaon “.

"Oh so you are from Delhi " he said in an assertive tone.

"No, its Haryana, I am from Haryana. Not at all Delhi." I absolutely hated it when somebody considered me to be from Delhi .It was a common problem always when I was introducing myself.

He chuckled “oh, so u are a Haryanvi. Are you a Jat?”

Here was the second most common problem faced triggered by my tall, broad and heavy body frame.

"No, I am not. I am "baniya, You are from which state?""

"Punjab” he said with puffed chest.

In between our holy priest has completed his prayers.

Arsaan introduced me to him. "He is alok, from Bihar”.

"I am really sorry, I dint want to drop your laddoos " said Alok in his typical Bihari accent.

Alok was still frightened. I calmed him down “Don’t worry alok, nothing to worry about. you realized your mistake, that’s more than enough”. We chatted for a while introducing each other. Finally as a sign of truce, he offered me a ladoo; all three of us ate them together.

And thus started my “other side of life ".

Over next few days, all three of us bonded really well. We will start our day together, have breakfast in mess, go to college, return back to mess for lunch, again go back to college for afternoon classes, evening tea, dinner & chatting on the rooftop till wee hours in the night. It was almost mechanized daily schedule with minimum deviations. Alok with his bihari accent, crude sense of humor, mischievous pranks brought hilarity to our room. Arsaan with his dreams, aspirations, and passion for singing, agreeable nature brought passion to the room. And I ....I perhaps brought normalcy and sanity to the room.

Gradually I and Arsaan became very good friends. He was a shy guy, but once he opened up with me, we shared everything with each other, our first crushes, our family backgrounds, school days, dreams, frustrations due to busy college schedule, circumstances that landed us in engineering college, almost everything. It was very comforting to talk with him always. He was always very keen and silent listener contrary to my abnormal readiness to blurt out whatever was there in my mind. He could read my mind before me uttering a single word. Quite a few times, Arsaan expressed his desire to pursue his interests in singing more seriously, but then cited "some critical obligations" as the extinguisher to his burning desire. I tried to probe further about this, but he never opened up.

We had completed three weeks in college. The "very different" three weeks. "Dog-rice" , extra - diluted daal, chapattis that resembled the rocky terrain of some central Indian plateau , treasure hunt to find a bathroom with running water for daily ablutions , innumerable other living entities in my room that I later discovered , everything was very "challenging" , to put it in a euphemistic way . But I think the long evening chats with Arsaan provided that something extra to stand tall against these westerly winds. It was the cool splash of his Buddha like charm that would rejuvenate me.

Gradually it came to my notice, that music was life for Arsaan. It was not a hobby or some leisure activity as it was for most of us. He recited the songs he had recorded and composed himself. He used to write too. He shared some of his writings with me. They were intense and meaningful. We also recorded his favorite song " Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya ..." in his voice on a cassette. And believe me, it was better than original!!

Days passed and finally it was time for midterm exams. And there was a change in atmosphere. Chats at GMP (general Meeting point) were replaced by desperate last minute attempts to cram the formulas and flush it out in exam hall. Me, Arsaan and Alok decided to prepare together. Alok with his naturally gifted sense of humor would crack jokes on the absurdity of Indian educational system and make fun of it. He knew that he knew nothing but had a rock solid confidence that he would pass the exams. But I could sense a tension on Arsaan’s face. He would be lost thinking about something. Or will start breathing heavily, with thick drops of sweat pouring down his face. He was lost!!! This continued for a few days. I tried to calm him down and probe about any issues during our evening Chai sessions, but he said he was ok.

Suddenly I got to know from Alok the next day that Arsaan has left for his home, Abhor in Punjab. I was perplexed on his sudden departure. I possibly had sensed the urgency that lead to his departure. I was actually relieved that a brief stint at home would allay all the fears of Arsaan that I could so clearly notice on his face for past few days. He returned quite late.....after the exams. He had missed the exams!!! I felt that there was something serious.

Arsaan's behavior after his return from home changed significantly. He started acting like the hero of some tragic movie, silent and stone-faced. He would miss the much -awaited life saving chai sessions in evening. His sleeping patterns changed drastically resembling that of mine which was a cause for serious concern!!! I was famous in entire college for spending far too much time on bed than what was required and Arsaan was exact opposite. But the most striking thing was he stopped singing!!! Now that sure posed a lot of questions in my mind .But somehow I was uncomfortable asking him the reason for the same .With Arsaan's growing seclusivity from rest of us , I too started spending time with so called my "new friends".

Our hostel was "just" a 20 minutes’ walk from the college. Normally we would stroll back to hostel for a quick lunch after first session and then have a chai or sutta after lunch and head back to college to complete the practicals in the second half.

That day, I had just returned from my first session of the day for lunch in hostel. I saw Arsaan sitting alone on a table in one corner of the mess. He was sitting with his plate full and he looking empty. I went and said hello to him. He dints respond. Perhaps he was too occupied. I tried to bring him back to this world by keeping my hand on his back. He was startled to see me standing and gave me a very "sad smile ". I could notice a wave of turbulence playing havoc in his mind. I asked him if he will go to college. he said he will prefer to relax at room.

That evening, I asked Arsaan to start our usual evening session. But to my surprise he replied and gave the pretense of not feeling well as the reason for not joining. But somewhere I knew that was not the reason. Perhaps we have bonded so well that we could catch each other lying!! I went inside the room and asked him if there was any problem at his home or if his parents had any issue. According to him everything was okay.

I still remember that morning; I as usual was getting ready to go back to college. But I saw Arsaan still sleeping with his face covered by a chadar. He said he was not feeling like coming to college. I left without probing further considering that as the genuine reason. I returned in afternoon. he met me at the lunch table. we completed lunch. Suddenly as soon as we got out he hugged me. And hugged me tightly. But I thought it to be one of the innumerous stereotype emotional outbursts of friendships that usually happen during our college days.

That was another routine day in the making. I had completed all the practicals of the afternoon session. College was too absorbing in the first semester. I with my, embryonic bunch of friends were returning back to hostel. Alok as usual was at his very best entertaining everybody with his "Lallo-ish” tone and mannerisms. He had gained some quick popularity in the college and a pet name "Babua ".Suddenly I remembered I had to return a book borrowed from library as today was the last date. I separated from the group and went towards the library. Meanwhile alok and rest of the group moved towards the hostel.

I was returning back to the hostel. As soon as I reached our hostel gate, I saw Alok shivering badly, being held by Kevin (our Neighbor). to be very frank, I thought this to be one of his usual pranks. I reached to Alok and asked "Kyun be kya nautanki hai ab ye nayee" (Dude, what’s this new prank of yours?) ...He was silent, with sweat pouring down his entire face and eyes red with fear. He was trembling like a 80 year old. I looked at Kevin to find out the reason for this state of Alok. He bowed down his head. Suddenly Alok hugged me and started crying heavily and blurted out “tarun bhai ....Arsaan is dead "!!!!!!! ....And I was NUMB!! Absolutely numb.

I came to know that Arsaan was found hanging in our room. Suddenly all the times spent with Arsaan came in front of my eyes and I was lost. I couldn’t muster up the courage to go to our room and see him hanging. I had seen Alok's state and now I knew the reason for it as he has seen him hanging with his eyes. What can be more shocking than that!!! I informed our warden about the incident. Suddenly our hostel was flooded with visitors from rest of the hostels, college lecturers and police. Our director came too. They (police) insisted on me going to top floor and recognizing Arsaan. I totally refused to do that. But I was told by my director to do the same as it could lead to some very serious legal implications for both me and College.

I went to the third floor and opened the door with trembling hands. And I saw Arsaan hanging from that same creaking fan, with his tongue out, eyes closed and blood trickling down his cheeks. It was a gory sight, something which I have not been able to forget till date. I quickly moved out of the room and started crying. Soon I became emotionless. I dint knew how to react to this!!! Police questioned me about Arsaan, his life, his problems his enemies etc. I replied with a stonehearted face. Then they asked me the same question that I was asking myself for quite some time “Why did he do this?????""....I had no answers...soon it was all dark and I was too unstable to stay in the same room. I and Alok changed our hostel and room.

I went inside our new room. The third section of inverted T room was empty .I Dimmed the light and closed my eyes... I could see Arsaan's face again and again, our Chai sesions, times spent with him, our bonding, everything .I was wondering how can Arsaan take such a step ...he was too brave ...perhaps not ... he wasn't brave enough to face the music of life!!!!!!!!!!!

Unsettled and desperate to divert my mind's attention, I asked Alok lying on opposite bed to play some music. He pressed the button.

Suddenly I heard Arsaan's voice!

"Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya ...har fikra ko dhuein mein udata chala gaya" .

It was Arsaan's recorded cassette .

My eyes were flooding ...and how I wished my dear friend , if you could have followed the lyrics of your favorite song !!!!

(Dedicated to my roomie , my dear friend and a great singer… Armaan )

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

1000 visitors :)

Hi Frens ,
I am absolutly delighted to touch 1000 visitors on my blog . Never ever imagined it when i started the blog !! Thanks for your visits and comments . Hoping to add more content periodically and entertaining you guys ...!!! Till then Adios :). Your suggestions and criticisms are always welcome .

T@run Aggarwal

Monday, February 01, 2010

Non-Vicarious experiences ...

All Characters and events here are purely fictitious...Any resemblance with either dead or living is purely co-incidental. This one is dedicated to all those people who ever attended college J

Her first positive response leading to mad rush,

To the realization that, even boys do blush,

Being crushed by first crush,

To Understanding the art of quick thought flush....

Roaming all night on bikes evading college police

To pacifying her finally with a kiss of peace

Giving birth to my first creative piece

To denied entry into Indian army for being obese

The joy of winning a quiz on last question,

To communicating with her in class using facial expression...

Curbing the advances of "hormonic" progression,

To Reactive depression on watching transferred possession

Professor waking me up in the middle of class,

And expecting me to decode law of conservation of mass

Me still adjusting my gravitational mass,

He, running towards me like a wild African ass....

Appearing for placements in crew cut,

To Answering interview questions using blind gut,

Bagging first job on campus and being kicked on butt

To sharing same screen space with your beloved in a hut

Some are funny, some are hilarious...

Some experiences just can't be vicarious

Written by : T@run Aggarwal